Award-winning author S.J. Rozan

Award-winning author S.J. Rozan

Ghost Hero

Ghost Hero

Ghost Hero won the 2012 Dilys Award from the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. See what they have planned to celebrate their 20th Anniversary of the Dilys, and Ghost Hero.

Oprah Winfrey’s website,, lists “9 Mysteries Every Thinking Woman Should Read” — and includes The Shanghai Moon! Read more here.

ABC News Review: Rozan’s ‘Ghost Hero’ Laced With Humor — “reminiscent of the 1973 Paul Newman-Robert Redford classic, ‘The Sting.’ “

Ghost Hero was named on the NPR and Sun-Sentinel Best of the Year Lists, and Bruce da Silva of the AP’s Top Fifteen List.

Ghost Hero

American-Born Chinese PI Lydia Chin is called in on what appears to be a simple case.  Jeff Dunbar, art world insider, wants her to track down a rumor.

Contemporary Chinese painting is sizzling hot on the art scene and no one is hotter than Chau Chun, known as the Ghost Hero.

A talented and celebrated ink painter, Chau’s highly-prized work mixes classical forms and modern political commentary.  The rumor of new paintings by Chau is shaking up the art world.

There’s only one problem – Ghost Hero Chau has been dead for twenty years, killed in the 1989 Tianamen Square uprising.

But not only is Ghost Hero Chau long dead, Lydia’s client isn’t who he claims to be either. And she’s not the only PI hired to look for these paintings.

Lydia and her partner, Bill Smith, soon learn that someone else – Jack Lee: PI, art expert, and, like Lydia, American Born Chinese – is also on the case.  What starts as rumors over new paintings by a dead artist quickly becomes something far more desperate – a high-stakes crisis the PI’s will find themselves risking everything to resolve…


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See what Maureen Corrigan from NPR has to say about Ghost Hero.

“Rozan delivers another thoroughly entertaining, meticulously plotted and utterly riveting installment of her Lydia chin/Bill Smith series.4 ½ stars TOP PICK from Romantic Times

Publishers Weekly gave Ghost Hero a starred review: “Engaging characters, crisp dialogue, intelligent storytelling, and a minimum of violence add up to another winner for Rozan.”