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Tenth Saturday

Cold wind out of north.
Just a little bit early,
Crocus tips pierce soil.

Tennis ball floats by,
Neon green on blue water,
Bouncing on sharp waves.

Ducks on piling tops.
Seagull circles, flies away.
Bills tuck in feathers.


Every now and then I remind you here that if you want more haiku, here they are.

Ninth Saturday, one day late

Water slapping wall.
Runner singing to herself.
Traffic whooshing by.

Three construction cranes —
Two bright yellow, one dark red —
Angled on blue sky.

Single bufflehead
Flies in, finds his fishing ground
In river’s center.


Seventh Saturday, three days late, from the Flushing New Year Parade

Red, yellow lions,
Dancing wildly down the street
Stop to greet children.

Drummers all in gold,
Dancers in white, yellow, blue,
Three giant Buddhas.

Dragon rises, falls,
Shimmers in sunlight and wind,
Undulates onward.

Sixth Saturday

A dozen seagulls
Float calmly on glass water
Pecking at breakfast.

Three Brant geese fly by,
Shadows splayed on river’s blue,
Disappear at pier.

Single mallard swims.
Female left with another.
An old, sad story.

Fifth Saturday

Sky’s furrowed cloud bank
Echoing river’s ripples.
Water’s white and blue.

Ghostly half-moon hangs,
High over far shore’s towers.
Foreign planetscape.

Seagull tips his wings,
Floats low over piling field,
Circles in to perch.

Fourth Saturday

Wind gusts, tires’ chains clink,
Snow tapping on jacket’s hood,
Snowplow’s mighty roar.

Horizontal rail,
Slanted snow, roiling river,
Twirling windborne leaf.

Sledding children laugh,
Spin down pine grove’s slippery hill,
Tumble into drift.

Second Saturday

Tower on far bank
Glows in shaft of morning sun
Against charcoal sky.

Tide at highest point.
Just twelve pilings visible.
Hundreds more submerged.

No ships. Slow south wind.
Long low swells slide into shore,
Slip along seawall.