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Ghost Hero

Ghost Hero

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Ghost Hero

The Ghost Hero reader’s guide is available as a printer-friendly PDF here.

Sample discussion questions:

  • How would you categorize Lydia’s sense of honor? Where in the book did you begin to pick up on it? Which other characters display a strong sense of honor?
  • What is your favorite ‘conversation’ Lydia has with herself, or observation she makes, in the book?
  • What did you learn about Chinese culture with reference to the sharing and drinking tea? How does that affect the atmosphere of the book?

 In This Rain

In This Rain

In This Rain

A Reader’s Guide by Gary Warren Niebuhr

Why is a garden so important to Joe?

Why does Joe need to investigate? Why does he need to investigate even after his prison term?

Why does Ellie Cole not stand by her man?

Why is Joe so loyal to Ann? Why is Ann so loyal to Joe?

What makes Ann such a dogged investigator?

How guilty should Ann feel about her father’s death?

The author chose to use a style that switches viewpoints. Whose point of view was your favorite and why? What scene from this book do you like most?

What role does the city of New York play in this novel? Why do you think this story could or could not happen in your own home town?

Why is Mayor Barr a fair or crooked politician?

Is the government portrayed in this book corrupt by its very nature, or are the people who operate within it always going to be tempted?

What should be Harlem’s ultimate fate in this book?

Is justice served at the end of this novel?

What do you think will happen to Joe and Ann after the story in the book?

Why did the author chose this title for the book?