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Opening weekend at the Rancho

Inaugural dinner. Swordfish and onions on the grill. Jim making it happen, with kibbutzing from everyone. (“It’s done!” “It’s still raw!” “Take it off!” “No, just move it to the side!”) Summer has begun. Photo by Susan Chin.

Small town 4th of July

On of the small North Fork towns read the Declaration of Independence aloud after the parade.  A kid sang God Bless America, kids did the reading, and then the last reader was a local bigwig who asked “all citizens of the United States” to stand and repeat the last line together, the part about “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”  Gotta say, it was pretty cool.


Kid singing God Bless America.



Kid reading (very dramatically) a section of the Declaration of Independence.



Patriotic pup.



Patriotic kid.



Winners in the bike decoration contest.



Blasè tweens are everywhere.