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Make them crazy, and it’s not even YOUR money!

As you no doubt know, and if you don’t I’m telling you now, Simon and Schuster is set to publish this book on Jan. 16.  The launch will be at 7:00 at the Strand Bookstore in NYC, so if you’re around, come on down. You can get it there, get it signed by a bunch of us, and get that warm glow from knowing money from each sale will go to the ACLU. If you’re not around, though, you have a golden chance to get an even warmer glow: S&S will donate an additional $3.00 out of their pockets for every book pre-ordered by Jan. 15 — in hardcover or any e-format — to the ACLU, beyond what the ACLU is going to make on the royalties. Yes, it’s a bald bid for bestsellerdom, because it’s the pre-orders that determine that. But come on, folks, you know whose blood will boil to see this book become a best seller.  If the book weren’t wonderful, it would be worth it anyway to see those people frothing at the mouth, no? And the book IS wonderful, so it’s a win-win for our side.

#Resist, and:

Here’s where you pre-order this fabulous book.





The above is a quote from Allen Ginsburg. It’s also the title of a book coming soon from Touchstone, containing both new stories and original art. I am proud as all get-out to have contributed to this book, along with Art Spiegelman, Susan Minot, Ha Jin, Neil Gaiman, Roz Chast… oh, what a tiny fish I am! But a thrilled tiny fish.

The book comes out January 2018 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March. The book, like the March, came out of the dark days when so many of us felt engulfed and powerless. We’re not, as we’ve proven again and again this last year, and IT OCCURS TO ME THAT I AM AMERICA is being published in support of the ACLU, to make sure our voices continue to be heard. You don’t want to miss out on a first edition, so order yours from your local indie today!