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It’s my birthday, and I’ll buy if I want to

But I don’t want to — I want YOU to. What I want for my birthday is for each and all of you to rush out and buy yourself a copy of this fabulous book. Then buy one for a friend, as an early, or belated, birthday present. Available wherever fine books are sold.

Why, you ask? Because it has heartbreaking, or funny, or breathtaking stories by such writers as Alice Walker, Walter Mosley, Paul Theroux, and well, ME. Not enough, you say? It has art by folks like Eric Fischl, Art Spiegelman, and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith. More, you want? We, the writers and artists, do not get the profits; nor does Simon and Schuster, who published it. Who does? The ACLU!

So — get yourself, and a friend, or many friends, a great book (and yes, it comes in e form), make a contribution to the ACLU, and celebrate the fact that I’m a year older.

Well, someone has to celebrate it. Not me. But get this book!

Nominations, nominations

I already mentioned that the anthology HANZAI JAPAN, edited by the redoubtable Nick Mamatas, has been nominated for a Locus Award. Well, now comes news that PROTECTORS 2, edited by the impressive Thomas Pluck, and JEWISH NOIR, edited by the unstoppable Kenneth Wishnia, have both been nominated for Anthony Awards. I have stories in all three books. Thank you, Nick, Thom, and Ken, for the chance to work with you and so many great writers. Good luck to all!

A Short Course in the Short Story

Crime Fiction Academy at the Center for Fiction, Saturday mornings, six weeks, taught by me. Come and get some writing done!

I’d say I’m embarrassed by this

…but I’m not.  I totally love it!

Philly.com reviews MANHATTAN MAYHEM



Our publisher says, “Read DARK CITY LIGHTS, it’s a 23-story high.”  Come on, that’s a pretty good joke for a publisher.