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With friends like these

So here I am, in Ohio, keynoting a fine Sisters in Crime conference at the Writers’ Center branch of the Cuyahoga County Library. It was an excellent event, well-run and interesting, with a majority of the attendees (90+) coming from the Library’s patrons, not (yet!) SinC members. Kudos are due to the Cuyahoga County Library system. Well done, folks!

Giving the keynote, entitled “Categorization and Its Discontents,” about genre, class, and snobbery, I noticed a couple of people snapping photos. Well, pix or it didn’t happen. I figured to find myself on Facebook, and I did. Marjory Mogg posted this:


And then Tim Dill, such a wiseguy, put this in the comments. Caesar, because he couldn’t find a statue of Genghis Khan.


Then Merideth Wright found Genghis Khan.


And Nancy Conyers added Mao.


Sonuvagun, huh? With friends like these…