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Ode to my Second Vaccine Shot

Got my second shot Moderna

And I’m feeling kinda great.

Got my second shot Moderna.

I was early, couldn’t wait.


Got my second shot Moderna

Up on St. Ann’s Avenue

Where the golden sun was shining

And the sky was brilliant blue.*


Got my second shot Moderna

Up here in Mott Haven

Across the Bronx from the small house

Wherein Poe wrote “The Raven.”**


I checked in with my QC code

They said, “SJ, welcome back!

Just go on in here to the school,

Talk to the man in black.”***


He waved me to the lunchroom

Where the tables were all set up

And nurses, docs, and volunteers

Were wearing sterile get-ups.****


The nurse at table number 5

Swabbed my arm and stuck it

Then she smoothed on it a Band-aid

And said to me, “Good luck! It*****


Might swell up a little

And you may start feeling sick

But if you do, don’t worry —

That part is over quick.”


Then she sent me to the gym to wait

A fifteen minute span.

I sat there and I people-watched,

Enjoyed my fellow man.


When time was up I headed out

To E. 138th

To get café con leche

And some cake to celebrate(th).”******


So as of now I’m fully vaxxed

And it’s a happy day

And I hope you all soon get your shots

And COVID goes away!


*You saw that coming, right?

**Irrelevant, but true.

***It wasn’t Johnny Cash, no.

****Just cut me some slack, okay?

*****Not what you were expecting?

******Okay, that one’s awful.