Inaguration thoughts

The Prez was inspiring yesterday, no? I have to say that though I thought the speech was terrific, and the subdued pomp struck just the right second-time-around note, and the weather was glorious and made it all look beautiful, what I loved best was the clowning around as a family in the reviewing stand, that clip that’s making all the TV news shows. Yes, I’d prefer a superhero President, someone who’s better, kinder, more just, more subtle, and much, much, smarter than the rest of us. If there’s anything I’ve learned over my life in political movements, though, it’s that we’re not getting that guy. That being the case, I’d infinitely prefer a President who’s grounded, loving, and not overly self-important — and also reasonably smart, and determined — to what we’ve seen too often in the past: Presidents who wear the mask and cape of that superhero, and are anything but. Welcome back, Mr. President.

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