Lots of junk in the river today

…and a ferry accident. Many people injured, some seriously enough to be hospitalized. The ferry slammed the pier as it was docking. Unclear why — oddly, could have been some nautical variant on wind shear. There’s floating debris all over the place, though, and an Army Corps of Engineers boat trooping around picking up large timbers, etc., that are considered menaces to navigation. That’s on my side — the Hudson — and the accident was over on the east side, so don’t know if it’s the same over there or whether the junk was a factor even if it’s there. Considering the number of ferries that run around NY harbor waters every day, accidents are exceedingly rare. The last major one was in 2003, though the boat involved in that one had another accident in 2010. That was the Staten Island Ferry, part of NYC’s transportation system. Today’s was a private ferry line boat. Hope everyone’s okay.

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