Post-storm wildlife

Squirrely his own self in the backyard right now, along with Spook. Spook seen yesterday, also, but no one else. I am not pleased to report there’s large-bird poop on the backyard fence. The local redtails must have gotten as hungry as anyone else during the storm. I went so far as to grab the binoculars and search for remains, but found none, so maybe whoever it was went to try his/her luck somewhere else. (It could also have been a particularly low-flying seagull; I’m sticking with that thought.)

Mergansers back on the river this morning, and two days ago I forgot to mention a lone loon, diving for fish right under the nose of one of the resident cormorants. Five Canada geese flying north (not yet, guys) and sparrows, titmice, robins, and cardinals all charging around the backyard. In Washington Square Park the other day I actually saw one of the aforementioned redtails sitting in a tree only eight feet off the ground and right near a park path. She’d attracted quite a crowd, including one guy who said she was this year’s chick, the offspring of Bobby and Rose who nest at NYU. She was very beautiful, and will remian so in my eyes as long as she confines herself to pigeons.

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