Snow snow snow snow snow

And why not? Screws up my weekend — I was supposed to be on a panel after a screening of THE MALTESE FALCON tonight, and was going to a college hoops game tomorrow — but who asked me? We live in the northeast, it snows here. Few birds flying down by the river this morning. They can feel the pressure shift, were all hunkering down. Two exceptions: a young black-back gull and a young cormorant. Inexperienced? Hope someone clued them in. More runners than usual in bad weather, though, probably because everyone was figuring you don’t do it now, you don’t get to run until maybe Sunday. Unless, like me, you go to the gym. I went in the rain, left in the hail, did some errands, came home in the snow. Watching it pile up now in the backyard. Making stew, listening to opera, reading Pete Hamill’s FOREVER. I’m loving this book and it’s having a really interesting effect on me, one I can’t remember encountering before. It’s making me want to read all the books mentioned in it, the ones the characters are reading.

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