Spring on the river

Today, for the first time, warm breeze in the morning. Brant geese are still around. I’m always surprised, every year, by how late they go back north. Buffleheads, mergansers, and loons have left. Some migrating birds, I don’t know who — I’m so bad with birdsongs — are calling like mad from the trees. Mallards and Gadwalls swimming singly and in pairs; rumors of a Gadwall nest south of my bench. Three Canada goose nests, and the early one has produced.

gosling 1 -- breakfasting under watchful eyes

gosling 1 breakfasts under watchful eyes

gosling 2 -- breakfasting alone

gosling 2 assumes the position farther afield

gosling 3 -- launched!

gosling 3 — launched!

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