Give me that country fiddle any day

Was in a funk this morning, couple of things not going my way. Not even including the Spurs losing to the Heat last night — I get my adrenalin level and heartbeat way up for a game like that, but I don’t, in the words of one of my nephews, get all angsty once it’s over. Anyway, that was me today, grumble grumble grumble, and when I got to Grand Central there in the tunnel were the Ebony Hillbillies rocking “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

I couldn’t find a video of them doing it, but here’s Marty Robbins, whose performance was where I learned it. I think the album was called “Hell Bent for Leather,” though I can’t believe they’d have used the word “hell” in a record made in the fifties. Anyway, when I was a kid I stole it from my father and played it until it had no grooves left.

Okay, I’m still in a funk. But it’s a much better funk.

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