Dispatches from San Diego

When I checked into my hotel they asked if I was here for Comic Con. I said I was and the desk guy called, “Hey, Wonder Woman, can you come here a minute?” An employee in a WW outfit dashed over to take a photo with me. During Comic Con, that’s her job. The hotel also has special towels they’ll send to your room to take your costume makeup off with.

San Diego’s a big Navy base, of course. This morning on my early walk I went down to the water. A flock of pelicans swooped by — so prehistoric, so graceful. Took my breath away. They settled on the water and were floating peacefully when a giant gray aircraft carrier slipped into view. It looked like it was going to plow right into the pelican flock. I was worried but they weren’t. I wondered if maybe it was so big they didn’t perceive it as moving, because they didn’t fly away. As it turned out they were right: the ship passed about twenty feet from them and they just went on floating.

Later, a similar ship passed behind a waterfront full-costume rapier demo being presented by the Society for Creative Anachronism.

All the public buses and a lot of the public buildings are wearing ads for paranormal, steampunk, or superhero movies and tv shows. I mean, giant, building-covering ads.

The bags they give out when you get your badge have shoulder straps so you can wear them as backpacks. They all come with built-in capes, so you can wear the bag and have your flowing cape covering it. The capes all advertise different tv shows or movies. It’s the luck of the draw, which one you get. Mine’s “300: the Rise of an Empire.” No, I didn’t wear it.

Went Thursday night with Les Klinger to the Scholastic party, where they unveiled new Happy Potter covers for the 15th anniversary of the series. Nice people, great food. Then to the Baker Street Babes party, where I met Tony Lee and Steven Moffat. More nice people, less good food but by then who cared?

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