New book index cards

Yes, folks, the index card for SKIN OF THE WOLF have started to get hung on the index card line. SOTL, of course, is the second Sam Cabot book. BLOOD OF THE LAMB, out Aug. 6 (and you’ve all preordered at your local indie or on line, right?) is the first. The index cards happen about half way through a multi-narrator book, so I can see who’s got how many chapters and can balance things out. Also so I can keep track of the action and of who knows about what. The vertical cards are marked with each character’s name, with the white card being for minor characters who only come in once or twice each. The horizontal cards are chapter by chapter. They tell day, time, characters in the chapter, and essential action and info imparted. The card’s color tells me whose pov the chapter’s from.

The stuff on the mantelpiece is the stuff on the mantelpiece.

new book index cards

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