More China photos — Rock’s Village

Joseph Rock was an Austrian-American botanist and ethnographer who lived in Yunnan Province from 1922 to 1949. The village where he had a house is called Yuhu (Jade) Village, and is known as “Rock’s Village” in those parts. We spent a rainy morning there. In addition to strolling through Rock’s own house and the streets of the village, we were welcomed in a teahouse run by a young woman who up until recently was the Nature Conservancy staffer in Li Jiang. She gave us a fascinating impromptu talk (over steaming coffee and tea!) about the policy and processes of doing conservation work in Yunnan. A tip of the wool cap to my trip roommate, Gwen Howard, for having found her.

rain in rock’s village

rain at rock’s front door

apple tree and garden wall

rainy day at the garland-making stall



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