River report

Multo bird action on the river today. When I got to my bench a flock of seagulls had taken up residence on a stretch of water to the south. The gulls around here tend to hang out in groups no bigger than three or four, but here were two dozen all floating around on water so glassy they could see their reflections. Did they admire them? Who knows? But for sure there must have been some good eating in that water. Three Gadwalls landed to check it out, but they apparently decided whatever it was wasn’t worth getting mixed up with seagulls. They paddled north, through the piling field. As they were doing that, a raggedy flock of about two dozen Brant geese came earnestly flapping. They almost landed near — or, being Brants, on — the Gadwalls, but lifted up and slipped around the children’s pier. Almost immediately on their white behinds came another flock the same size, going in the same direction. Two more Gadwalls emerged from under the pier and swam south, to have a barnacle breakfast in the piling field. Out on the end of the children’s pier, two buffleheads spent some time bobbing around, giving themselves baths. As I left the park I passed half a dozen robins, hoping to find worms in the thawing ground.

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