A sentiment with which I concur

Twas the day after new year’s and all through the gym,

Not a locker was empty for her or for him.

The sneakers were laced up on ankles with strength

In hopes that the jogging would be long in length.

The members were lifting all snug on their benches

With visions of workouts that might make them menches.

My buddy in tee shirt and I in my shorts

Had just settled into some serious sports

When from the entry arose such a ruckus

You’d think Martians had come, from the planet to pluck us.

Away to the glass wall I flew in a hurry

To see through it to find out the source of the flurry.

The sunshine a-gleam on the glass canopy

Showed me the sight that I’d raced there to see:

A horde of new people, with new resolutions

Determined to join our New York institution.

Over-eating and -drinking the whole season through

They’d decided that now they would try something new:

To run, and pump iron, not sit at the telly

And slim down that round face and belly of jelly.

So they’d come to the Y. But without any doubt,

The front desk had run out of forms to fill out.

The manager stepped to the lobby and paled,

Fearing a riot, and all would be jailed.

Then from the office burst out with a bound

The athletic director — new forms had been found!

Everyone sat down with paper and pen

To fill out their info and then hand it in.

Then, processed and photoed, their first month’s dough spent,

Off to the weight room and treadmills they went,

And I heard them exclaim, ere they started to sweat,

“Happy new year to all, may it be the best yet!”

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