Come to the movies

If you’re in NYC this coming Friday, Jan. 31, and you’re thinking to defy the polar vortex and go out — I mean, the weather people say it’ll be in the mid-thirties by then, practically spring — come on over to the Rubin Museum. I love this place anyway, for the art it shows, the creativity of the curators, and the calm atmosphere. And the cafe! They have a Friday night film series with a different theme each season. This season it’s “Mind Over Matter,” Friday’s film is “The Sting,” and I’m introducing it. I promise not to talk for long (they give you a nine-minute maximum, probably figuring that way they can keep their introducers to ten minutes) and the movie’s free with the purchase of a drink. Which you’ll want, so you can unwind in the cabaraet-style auditorium. Come on down!

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