I love New York

Had a meeting on the east side today so took the shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central. As NYers know, this is a three-minute trip. As soon as the doors close a guy starts up: “Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to disturb your morning. I’m currently homeless…” He goes through the car with his paper cup. The woman opposite me laughs. I don’t know why until he’s down at the other end; then she starts, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m currently homeless…” She waves her cup around, smiling ruefully, doesn’t even bother to get up. Just as we pull into Grand Central, a woman at the far end of the car starts to scream. A couple of people jump up; a guy says, “Don’t worry. I’ve seen her before. Nothing’s wrong, she just likes to scream. But don’t get close. She spits.” Train stops, doors open. Guy beside me turns to the woman beside him. “When we come back, let’s take the 7.”

I love New York.

(for you non-NYers: same route, different line)

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