Your new year’s resoluion

Okay, you guys. A number of you resolved to finally get some writing done this year. To start that novel, or dust of the one that’s been in the drawer and see what can be made of it. Right? You know I’m right. You know who you are. And I’m here to help.

I’m teaching twice this year: first, a weekly workshop here in NYC, and second, in August in Assisi. Details, you say? Glad you asked.

The weekly workshop is at Crime Fiction Academy, at the Center for Fiction on E. 47th St. Besides me, you get master classes, an evening with agents and editors, a reading class, a place to write if you need it, and it’s all underwritten this semester so it’s more affordable than ever meaning YOU have no excuse! So jump on it if you’re nearby.

If you’re not nearby, or you are but you’d rather be far away in a beautiful place, come to the Art Workshop International in Assisi. I’ll be there July 26 – Aug 8 teaching a fiction workshop. In this case, besides me you get room, board, and a gorgeous, quiet town with art around every corner.

So? Let’s get to work!

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