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Wanted to fill you in on the rest of the Singapore trip before I started the Shanghai report. Yes, I know I’m behind. Trying my best for you guys, really I am.

The conference I was in Singapore to attend was in honor of Shirin Fozdar, an early Singaporean feminist. I gave the closing plenary, and enough people have asked about my talk that I think I’ll put it up on the blog in a couple of days. Meanwhile, here are about a third of the speakers, gathering for dinner.

some of the conference speakers gather

I also got to hang around in Singapore, courtesy of various friends. You already saw some of those photos; if you missed the earlier blog entries they’re not hard to find, and if you click on any of these photos you can see the rest. I spent a day with my friend Roberto Cartelli, a great guy, and his friend Ann Hill, my new buddy. We went to the Barrage, to Marina Bay, to the Gardens, and for a long walk, lunch (more laksa!) and a boat ride. We looked like this:



me and ann on river taxi

Me and Ann on the river taxi

me proving I'm in singapore (thanks, roberto)]

Me proving I’m in Singapore

carefully-organized remains of lunch

Carefully organized remains of lunch

As photogenic as we clearly are, Singapore has even more photogenic objects.

old police hq, now an arts and youth building

Old police HQ, now a building for arts and youth

colors even st construction site

Colors even at a construction site

singaopre skyline

Singapore skyline

year of the horse decorations

Decorations for the Year of the Horse

flame tree

Flame tree in Fort Canning Park. I was lucky: it doesn’t bloom every year, only when conditions are right, and only for a week or so.

the churchyard at st. gregory the illuminator

Churchyard at St. Gregory the Illuminator

They also want to make sure that you understand where it is they don’t want you to go.

when they say

This is at the downtown reservoir. When they say “off limits” they really mean it.

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