Trip report: A morning in the park, Singapore

Staying in downtown Singapore, I began to miss greenery. Never mind that it’s sunny and beautiful (which the locals are describing as “beastly hot”) and the streets are tree-lined. I had a morning date with Ovidia Yu, a Singaporean writer,

me and ovidia yu

and we decided to not go to the Botanical Gardens, our original plan, but to head for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve instead. I set my SINGAPORE NOIR story in the area, and I mentioned the monkeys in the nature reserve though I hadn’t seen them. Well, Ovidia and I had a lovely stroll through a bordering neighborhood,


a walk in the reserve itself,

bukit timah nature reserve

and a delicious laksa lunch.

laksa lunch

And the monkeys? As were were leaving the reserve, they came close to the road to see what we were all about.

patriarch monkey

Photo’s not so good, but I’ve never seen wild monkeys before, so I thought it was grand.

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