I love New York

Lots of people use the river walkway in good weather to get to work. Some get an early start by making work-related calls as they stroll. From behind me on my bench I’m always hearing snippets of the conversations of men and women in business suits hoofing it to Wall Street. Today I heard, “…and I guarantee I can put a business plan like that into play. I have the people, I have…” Usually I hear more than that; this guy went past quickly, so I turned around to check him out. Turned out to be a young black guy in a porkpie hat, hoodie, and statement eyeglasses, speaking into an over-ear mike like on stage, smooth as silk gliding by on his skateboard. If I had a business plan, I’m telling you right now I’d call him to put it into play. He was, by the way, heading away from Wall Street. I love New York.

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