Don’t Cross the Line and Don’t Touch the Deity

The above, I would say, is good advice at any time and place. Last Saturday’s Flushing Expedition came across signs to this effect hanging from the velvet ropes in front of the deities’ alcoves at the Ganesh Temple. Well worth a visit, this giant Hindu Temple on an Archie Bunker street. Up the way a few blocks, we passed a converted single-family house, now a Buddhist house of worship, where a ceremony was going on, all drums and chanting and incense and people dressed in black. We also viewed the Free Synagogue of Queens and the Quaker Meeting House, so I think our spiritual health was pretty well covered. Plus, we had lunch at the incomparable Biang and later, sugar cane juice from a guy on the street, and even later, apple cider doughnuts. On a gorgeous spring day. And in case anyone was wondering, there is indeed a red-tailed hawk nesting in the Unisphere.

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