SKIN OF THE WOLF Booklist review

In its entirety:

“The pseudonymous writing team of university professor Carlos Dews and popular crime novelist S. J. Rozan follow up their first effort, Blood of the Lamb (2013), with an equally interesting second supernatural thriller. Set about a year after the events in that book, in which Father Thomas Kelly discovered that art historian Livia Pietro is a vampire, as is her friend, Spencer George, the novel begins with a vicious wolf attack in New York City’s Central Park. As it turns out, Livia and Spencer’s community of vampires known as Noantri are not the only mythological creatures that actually exist. The attacker is a shapeshifter desperate to find a religious artifact that could give him and others like him almost immeasurable power. The stage is set for a battle between vampires and werewolves, and if that sounds just a tad familiar, there’s no reason to panic. This isn’t a ripoff of Stephenie Meyer’s megapopular Twilight series. Like Blood of the Lamb, this is a well-crafted supernatural-religious thriller, in which a modern-day mystery reaches back into history. A winning series for fans of mystery-horror blends.”

Nice, huh? So what are YOU waiting for?

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