You can’t get rid of the BabaKnick.

Last night I was thinking of the Knicks and of horror movies at the same time. So, with thanks and apologies to to Jennifer Kent:

Throws up an airball, throws up a brick —

You can’t get rid of the BabaKnick.

Turns the ball over for no good reason —

The BabaKnick’s coming to murder the season.

Doesn’t rebound, makes dumb fouls —

The BabaKnick’s coming, hear the fans howl.

Can’t play D, leaves shooters wide open —

The BabaKnick’s killing a year we had hope in.

Phil Jackson is nauseous, Derek Fisher’s in fright —

The BabaKnick’s giving them many bad nights.

But there’s one silver lining, I tell you true:

Jim Dolan’s afraid of the BabaKnick, too.

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