Off on the road to Mongolia

Okay, you guys, this is it.  I’m deeply into the OH NO I DON’T WANT TO GO stage of Travel Anxiety. Why am I doing this, I can’t afford to spend this much time away, all these things I’m missing, I’m spending waaay too much money… All of this fades when I’m on the plane but I’m not on it yet.  Plane’s in early afternoon, I leave here mid-morning.  Cat sitter’s ready to zoom in as soon as I leave and the cat loves him.  Everything’s under control but this is the part I hate most.

Still, in 24 hours I’ll be in in Ulaan Baatar.  So, as I’ve done before, I leave you with the words of Peter Fleming — adventurer and brother of Ian Fleming — who, traveling through Xinjiang Province in China in 1935, said,  “He who starts on a ride of two or three thousand miles may experience, at the moment of departure, a variety of emotions. He may feel excited, sentimental, anxious, carefree, heroic, roistering, picaresque, introspective, or practically anything else; but above all he must and will feel a fool.”

That would be me, a fool.  See you (with lots of photos) after Labor Day.




  1. Lawton says:

    Thats funny, you don’t look Yurtish

  2. Martha says:

    Safe, wonderful travels!

  3. Shirley Garcia says:

    Traveling mercies.

  4. Merideth says:

    Does it help that you always feel this way? (I do, too, but I’m not going as far this time).

  5. Laraine says:

    I hear you so clearly on this. I wish there were a solution: I can almost not bear the uncertainty of those minutes/hours before departure for the airport . . . nor the ‘will I or won’t I?’ times six months or a year ahead of planning a big journey. Brava for your perseverance!

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