Travel anxiety, Part II

(If you missed Part I, it’s yesterday’s post.)

Well, I’m packed.  If I don’t have it it’s not coming.  Since I’m not leaving for Mongolia until Monday this may seem extraordinarily early, and for me, believe me, it is.  Though my mother always packed days before she was ready to go, in case something she’d been planning to take was found to need washing or mending.  Me, I usually pack the night before, or, in the case of an afternoon departure, the morning of.  But tomorrow morning I’m going to the Rancho for the weekend, and I’m leaving Monday morning for the airport.  So effectively this is the day before, and since I’ll be at a book club gig tonight (folks who read GHOST HERO and were kind enough to invite me to the discussion) this is about as late as I can push it.

Also unusually for me, I’m checking a suitcase and taking a backpack plus a small bag.  I never check, always manage with a backpack and a 19″.  Guilty with an explanation: I’m taking some kid’s picture books as a gift for the guide’s little girl, and they were just one toke over the line for the suitcase.  Also, I intend to leave my travelin’ clothes behind in Ulaan Bataar so, three weeks later when we get back there and I need to rush to make my plane for the loooong trip home, I’ll have something clean to wear.  Now I have a bag to leave them in.

I also defrosted the freezer this morning.  Because it just COULDN’T WAIT until I got back, could it?


  1. Marjorie says:

    But you didn’t give us the rest of the saying, did you?

  2. Martha says:

    As a fellow lady traveller who takes great pride in NEVER CHECKING ANYTHING no matter how long or how far the trip, I feel your need to explain why the streak has been broken. That said, your explanation is an excellent one, and checking makes *perfect* sense in this instance! 😉 Sorry about the anxiety, but it’s probably only natural — can’t wait to hear about all your adventures, and about how unnecessary the stressing turned out to be. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. SJ Rozan says:

    Marjorie — I’ll finish the quote on Sunday when I sign off.

  4. Laura says:

    And now I have that ear worm in my head….thanks!

  5. SJ Rozan says:

    Laura — Leavin’ on a Jet Plane?

  6. Laraine says:

    Hey, SJ, have a terrific weekend at the Rancho, and safe and healthy (and not tooooo anxious) travels. I look forward to hearing about your travels and seeing the photos on your safe and healthy return! Sending all travel mercies . . . as I contemplate whether I can overcome my own travel anxieties to go to a family wedding in Florence next spring.

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