New Town Future Film

Went to Red Hook last night to see the presentation of “New Town Future Film,” a video by my buddy, the photographer/videographer Ana Bilankov.  We met in 2006 at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, one of my favorite places on the planet.  Ana is from Zagreb, lives and works now in Berlin, and has been to NYC on artist’s residencies three times in the last few years.  Among other things she’s been working on is this film, which is twenty minutes of the most stunning, noirish, dreamlike images you’ll ever see.  I have no images from the film, or any of her works, to post, but when you go to her website you’ll see them, and here I offer you this shot of Ana introducing the work.  It’s kind of Bilankovian in feel, itself.

photo 1(2)


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  1. Ana B. says:

    Thank you for this great comment, dear SJ!!

    Ana B.

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