Crime and Science Radio

Doug Lyle, MD, one of the nicest guys ever and one of the crime writing world’s most under-sung resources, has teamed up with Jan Burke, who luckily gets sung, though not as much as she deserves, to bring you Crime and Science Radio.  Once a month you get to hear such features as:

Tracking Down the Bad Guys: A Conversation with Retired US Marshal and Novelist Marc Cameron

Working Stiff: An Interview with Forensic Pathologist Judy Melinek and co-author/husband TJ Mitchell

Crime and Science in the OC: an Interview with Bruce Houlihan, Director of the Orange County Crime Lab

This is great stuff, folks.  Crime writers, you’ll want to tune in.


  1. Robin McMillan says:

    I’m in. Not a crime-writer, but grew up with tartan noir. Lemme know if you need anything.


  2. Laraine says:

    SJ, I’ve been locked out of my FEEDLY feed for quite a while, it seems. I finally just found the magic word this evening and am catching up on a bunch of your posts. This show sounds delicious. Will put it on my listening list!! Thanks.

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