New Lydia’s mother story

Thought I’d tell you I just sold a story narrated by Lydia Chin’s mother, Chin Yong-Yun. It’s called “Chin Yong-Yun Stays Home” and it’ll be out in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine probably this summer. Or fall. I’m trying to work up a collection of Chin Yong-Yun stories. (So far there are four.) When I have enough, I’ll do a book. Meanwhile, I’ll alert you when this one’s published. It’s set — of course — in Chinatown.

chinatown flower market jan 2008 027


  1. Excellent. I love those stories.

  2. Keith Michael says:

    Ooh, I love her voice. What a delightful book that will be!

  3. Claudia says:

    love it!

  4. SJ Rozan says:

    Thanks so much, all!

  5. You are an inspiration, SJ. Can’t wait to read this!

  6. SJ Rozan says:

    Nancy Conyers — No, YOU are the inspiration. I’m just broke and fiction’s the only thing I’m good for.

  7. Rita Harding says:

    HURRAY – – I can’t wait either!!! I love your books!!!

    But I totally disagree – you are FANTASTIC – who else would keep me out of trouble like you do?

  8. SJ Rozan says:

    Rita Harding — Well, if that’s another thing I’m good for, I’m very proud!

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