Afternoon in Assisi

Sitting in my room overlooking San Pietro and the Umbrian plain, just back from a walk to the top of the town for a restorative cappuccino after a very long day. Started with a 7:30 am visit to the Basilica with art historian Justo Sanchez and Charles Kreloff who gave us an illicit tour (only the official tour guides are supposed to do this) of the major works inside it. This is my eighth year here and I learned all kinds of new stuff, both about the art itself as art, and the narratives it’s portraying.  Then back to the Hotel Giotto for breakfast, then quick on to my 10 am drawing class. Every year I come here to teach and wish I could take the drawing class in the morning instead of write. So this year I am, with my buddy Jonathan Santlofer. (If you need to know what kind of a mess I’m making, see below.) Then an hour of writing, then co-teaching with my other buddy, Barb Shoup. Then the cappuccino walk. Now some internet biz, the internet being spotty here so get it while you can. Soon, dinner, one final walk, then bedtime.  Love it here.



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  1. helen says:

    Sounds lovely – all of it.

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