Get your safety pin now!

Huh? Because this.

It gives you a super power: you can step in, stand up, help if you’re needed.

I have one on every jacket. Get yours, and carry some for friends who want them.



  1. Emilie de Brigard says:

    My dear grandmother, nee France Marie Chanoine in Providence, Rhode Island, used to wear a safety pin on her collar and she called it, ironically, “my college pin.”

  2. SJ Rozan says:

    Emilie — maybe we should call them our electoral college pins?

  3. Susan Law says:

    SJ – great info – and where did you get such a beautiful safety pin?

  4. SJ Rozan says:

    Susan — Who knows? Finding a safety pin around this apartment was not easy, I promise you. I’ve been digging here, there, everywhere.

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