Thoughts on the election

In a comment on another post, Li Ann asked about my thoughts on the election. She said she knew I had distinct opinions.  Well, I sure do. I know lots of people don’t like Hillary Clinton. They don’t trust her. Okay, fine. To them I say: Do you LIKE Donald Trump? Do you trust HIM? Because if you don’t get out and vote for her, he’ll be President. There is no third way here. There’s no sitting this one out. The man who said that Mexico is sending its rapists, that African-Americans are living in hell, that Muslims should be banned from entering the country, that when you’re a star women let you do whatever you want, that he knows more about ISIS than the generals and that “I love war,” that man will be President. Is that really okay with you? If it’s not, then get out and vote for Hillary. Otherwise, you’re voting for Trump. You are. And if he’s elected, you who did not vote will have done it.


  1. Susan Law says:

    What SJ says! I’m old – I remember the day FDR died – I remember the first use of nuclear weapons at the end of WWII – I remember the McCarthy years, the great ‘commie menace’. But the danger to our country now from Donald Trump is in my view one of the greatest we have ever faced. Maybe the Cuban Missile Crisis was worse – I thought I might die that day, but it only lasted a day – Trump will last four years. Voting for Clinton is the only way to avoid this danger. There is a lot more to work for once the election is over – Trump’s appeal has a lot to do with problems that need attention very badly – but the one thing I am certain of is that he will not do one doggone thing about them if he is elected. So – I’m with SJ –

  2. Kitty Katz says:

    Back when Marla Maples was about to become wife #2, he indicated publicly that it was the best sex he’d ever had. The Post put it on the front page. Okay, I know, The Post. But what kind of person – one who’s always been in the public eye way before being Republican candidate for President – says a thing like that out loud? And what kind of woman still goes ahead & marries him after he boasts about their sex life to the media? He simply doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and just might be the guy who insults North Korea and ignites nuclear war as a result of it.

  3. Betsy Harding says:

    Beautifully said. Absolutely true.

  4. matthew baugh says:

    He’s also the candidate who says he doesn’t know why we have nuclear weapons if we don’t get to use them. And yet, there are people who think that somehow Hillary Clinton will be worse. I’ve seen bizarre ideas of what will happen if we let her win: re-education centers for conservatives, FEMA run death camps for Christians, hundreds of thousands of refugees (who all turn out to be terrorists) invited to come in and institute sharia law.

    It’s bizarre. So many of the reasons have no basis in reality at all.

  5. Mary Richman says:

    And, in addition to everything that’s been said above, although he’s managed to convince some non-New Yorkers that he’s a mega-successful businessman who “tells it like it is”, anyone who’s been here for the last couple of decades knows that the man is nothing more than a sleazy con artist, liar and thief who couldn’t care less about the working-class people he now claims to champion except as marks. And so far, the con seems to be fairly successful.

  6. Sharon Bogart says:

    I’ll just add that it’s terrifying to me that a man who is so easily provoked, and who has questioned why we have nuclear weapons if we’re not going to use them, will have the nuclear codes and control of the armed forces.

  7. MIchael Millstone says:

    My Question: If Hillary gets in, who will she go to for advise ?

  8. kwnewton says:

    I blame the Republican party for smearing Hillary Clinton for decades because they knew she was ambitious. They have succeeded because so many people think “there’s no smoke without fire.” Of course there’s smoke! Mostly because the GOP stacked the charcoal and lit the flames! And in many cases, they used taxpayer dollars to pay for it. If you’re going to act like that, you have a moral obligation to come up with a qualified candidate, not a disgusting excuse for a human being not qualified to be mayor of Mayberry.

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