Update for my DC-bound sisters and brothers



Meeting point, if you want to hang together (“or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately” — Benjamin Franklin): 9:00 am, Woolly Mammoth Theater, 641 D St. NW, Washington DC. If there’s a large crowd there, look for us to the left (natch!) of the front door, wherever that is. If you can’t find us or don’t make it to the Woolly Mammoth but still want to connect, text me. If you don’t have my phone number, email or PM me and I’ll send it.

A couple of additional suggestions: cough drops, kleenex, bandaids, sunglasses. It’ll be sunny and warm, so a hat maybe.

Have the names and phone numbers of the place you’re staying and your emergency contact on a piece of paper in your pocket. Because if you drop your cell phone in the Reflecting Pool…

See you in DC!


  1. Jeanny House says:

    Someone suggested writing the name and number of your emergency contact on your forearm in Sharpie. It’ll wear off. Maybe even bring an extra Sharpie.

  2. Marge says:

    Here in L.A. it could RAIN! Yikes! We’re such sissies about weather in the South West….wish us luck. And good luck to all of you. May you never need that phone no. you’ve written on your arm. I hope people behave themselves and don’t let any rabble rousers take anyone down the primrose path to the booking station.

  3. Sandy says:

    Good luck to all. I’ll be marching downtown in Chicago with friends. The march estimate has more than doubled to 50,000! I hope the whole world is watching!

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