Women’s March in DC

It was glorious! You’ve read by now that it was three times the size the organizers had hoped, and that the sister marches were also gigantic, everywhere. (Apparently there were six marches in Alaska!) The energy was electric, joyous, and kind. (At one point I was chanting, “Show me what democracy looks like!” until I started to cough. I muttered, “Show me what a cough drop looks like,” and the total stranger behind me grinned, reached into her pocket, and gave me one.) Also, the energy was funny. The one percent is on their side, but the laughter is on ours. We’ll harness this energy and keep up this fight. My favorite chant: “Welcome to your first day! We will never go away!”

(Photos below by me, Jackie Freimor, and Lorena Vivas.)


Me, my marching buddies, and our pussy hats.


photo 2(8)

The escalator down into the Metro — AFTER we waited in a half hour line to get to it!


photo 3(5)

What genius ordered these?


photo 4(3)

My favorite sign.

Below, more great signs and shirts:

photo 1(10)

photo 2(9)

photo 3(6)


LOVE this one:photo 4(4)


photo 1(8)


photo 2(7)


photo 3(3)


photo 4(2)

Translation below:

photo 1(7)


photo 2(6)


photo 3(1)


photo 4


And finally, the call to arms:photo 5


  1. It was an incredible day.

    • I was lucky to March in Key West, where the weather was quite warm and sunny and it was incredible that there were almost 4000 people marching. If I knew how to post a photo of the Key Westers I would.

  2. SJ Rozan says:

    Miriam — Yes it was!

  3. Sharan says:

    You got a different set of photos from mine. May I use some for my blog on the march? I get home tomorrow and will put it together then.

  4. SJ Rozan says:

    Sharan — I was hoping to see you, but it was too much to ask. Yes, of course, use any photos you want!

  5. Marge says:

    Here in Los Angeles, we couldn’t march – BECAUSE THE STREETS FILLED UP !!!! there was no room to “go”. We got to know a lot of new people while squished in together. The light rail system (yes. we do have one) gave up on selling tickets by 7:30 a.m. rides to and from the demonstration were gratis. They made a lot of friends that day. As we were leaving mid-day, full trains were still pulling in. The enthusiasm and comaraderie were amazing. Now, I figure we must act like water dripping on stone – unrelenting and, in the long run, having our way.
    My sign read, “Kindness + Strength = Justice”

  6. Laura says:

    Thank you for marching in DC and sharing your journey. I marched in Lincoln, Nebraska, and appreciated all the marchers around the world. The work starts now!

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