Assisi, Assisi

Arrived at the Hotel Giotto, went to my regular room, unpacked and I already know where everything goes. Charles Kreloff and Bob Hughes had a slice of Pane di San Francesco waiting for me. Went for a walk around town: it’s been beautiful for 1,000 years and it changes but it doesn’t; still beautiful. Herein, the first set of photos. Including food, as requested.

Salad at dinner


Bootleg photo in the Basilica (no photos allowed!)

Basilica door detail

Outside my room, dawn

The Pope’s Dining Room in the Basilica. For nine hundred years, when a Pope visits Assisi, this is where they feed him.

Interior garden at the Basilica

Lemon and sage ravioli (SO yummy)

We visit the Basilica at night




  1. Mary Harris says:

    Oh sweet mother of Buddha! Between the food and the scenery, do you get any writing done? <3

  2. SJ Rozan says:

    Mary Harris — You forgot the teaching, which is what I’m here to do. But yes, sitting in my window now, about to start my day’s word count.

  3. Debi Huff says:

    So jealous! Maybe one year I can make it. Enjoy it all and keep the pictures coming!

  4. SJ Rozan says:

    Debi Huff — Start planning for next summer now!

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