Sue Grafton, RIP


Sue Grafton will have many obits, many appreciations. I just want to say she was a kind, generous, and wickedly funny lady, a true Southern gentlewoman who taught me, among so many other things, what “bless their hearts” truly means. The above photo, by (I believe) Sasser Hill (and if I’m right, thank you) (and if I’m wrong, thank you, whoever shot it) is from my interview of her when she was Guest of Honor at Bouchercon in 2013. I think I only asked three or four of the long list of questions there on my lap because each one set her off on a story, which led to another story… Goodbye, Sue. You will be missed.


  1. Sharon says:

    I follow a number of authors on Facebook and I’ve been reading their comments. It is so telling that relatively little if what they are saying is about her writing and how much is about the kind, generous, decent person she was.

  2. Brendan DuBois says:

    Sj, I remember that interview so well… and you did a wonderful job. I also remember her saying that her favorite place was in her office… a feeling I entirely understand. Take care, sweet schmoe…

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