2020 Calendars!



Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and Whew Wotta Relief Wednesday have all come and gone. Now it’s Thus We Continue Thursday, and thus we continue:

Here are your 2020 SJ Rozan Calendars!

First, your COLORS Calendar. Photos I’ve shot over the year of things where the colors interested me.

2020 Colors Calendar

And second — though don’t tell her — your BELLA THE CAT Calendar. In case you’re a Bella fan, and who isn’t?

2020 Bella the Cat Calendar

I’m not sure selling these calendars will put me in the BLACK. But as a writer I’m the smallest of SMALL BUSINESSES. You can buy them in CYBERSPACE and GIVE them to your friends and just think WOTTA RELIEF it will be to have your holiday shopping done!

Bella the Cat and I thank you.

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