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Oct 1, 2023

Hey, look, a Substack!

What the hell is a Substack?

I dunno. A subordinate stack? What’s the stack? Or a substitute one? Still, what’s the stack? Hay? Pancakes? Poker chips?

No way to know. But — ta da! — whatever the stack is, a Substack’s a newsletter!

This one’s about whatever moves me, and so many things do: books, writing, gardens, photography, birds, basketball (Go Liberty!), art, New York…

You can hear from me more or less once a week, if you subscribe. Not much more, not a whole lot less.


If the link wants money from you tell it nice try, this is a free newsletter. Then just keep clicking.

I’ll try not to bore you, harangue you, confuse you, make you mad, or make you crazy.

To start, here’s a photo, because why not?

Two senior students at Bo Law Kung Fu, Grand Street, NYC, at their Autumn Moon celebration.

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