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Quiet gray river


Quiet gray river

Two ferries too far to hear

Raise frothy white wakes


Brant geese flock swims by

Stops to breakfast at seawall

Gull swoops down to watch


Joggers’ bright shirts glow

Red, blue, yellow, acid green

In foggy morning


Rain in the snow haiku

Green swells roll slowly,

Lap up seawall, slide away,

Dotted with raindrops.


Gulls circle, swoop, land.

Cormorant pops up with fish.

Starlings fly above.


Blue lights on railing.

Snow on branches, walkway, grass.

Red life preserver.



Nineteenth Saturday

Across the river
Streetlamps glow into gray day.
Single red light blinks.

Ferry churns thick wake
Passing before sharp white tents
Against green hillside.

Water laps seawall.
Runners’ feet slap stone pathway.
Fog melts towers’ tops.


Sixteenth Saturday, two days late

Brant geese at pilings
Fattening for the trip north
Speed-eating that moss.

Sharp contrail in sky
Cuts across thin smudgy clouds —
Chalk line on blackboard.

Construction cranes still
Scattered on far shore’s skyline
At resting angles.


Fourteenth Saturday, two days late, from LA

White hillside homes,
Long green columnar cedars,
Sharp in morning sun.

Tiny Tonka cars
Racing west, chasing shadows,
Vanish around curve.

Giant round-mouthed koi
Kaleidoscope through water
Turtle stares from rock.

.photo 2(2)

Thirteenth Saturday

Seagull circles, lands,
Pecks at food scrap, changes mind,
Floats on rippling waves.

Second gull soars in,
Tries same scrap. Same opinion.
Bobs beside his bud.

Big blackback swoops down.
Others lift off, flap away.
Empty kingdom’s his.

fog 004

Twelfth Saturday

Pearl water reflects
Red rim surrounding far clock,
Palest blue of sky.

Looking for breakfast
Geese zig-zag through piling field.
Slow-motion pinball.

In sunlight spotlight
Tanker powers upriver.
Two white gulls follow.


Eleventh Saturday, from Independence, Ohio

Cardinal on branch.
Flock of starlings invades tree.
Red blur streaks away.

Granulated frost
Dusting cars in parking lot,
Vanishing in sun.

Traffic whizzing by.
Cars’ long shadows race ahead,
Slicing through morning.


Ninth Saturday, one day late

Water slapping wall.
Runner singing to herself.
Traffic whooshing by.

Three construction cranes —
Two bright yellow, one dark red —
Angled on blue sky.

Single bufflehead
Flies in, finds his fishing ground
In river’s center.


Seventh Saturday, three days late, from the Flushing New Year Parade

Red, yellow lions,
Dancing wildly down the street
Stop to greet children.

Drummers all in gold,
Dancers in white, yellow, blue,
Three giant Buddhas.

Dragon rises, falls,
Shimmers in sunlight and wind,
Undulates onward.