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Sixth Saturday

A dozen seagulls
Float calmly on glass water
Pecking at breakfast.

Three Brant geese fly by,
Shadows splayed on river’s blue,
Disappear at pier.

Single mallard swims.
Female left with another.
An old, sad story.

Fifth Saturday

Sky’s furrowed cloud bank
Echoing river’s ripples.
Water’s white and blue.

Ghostly half-moon hangs,
High over far shore’s towers.
Foreign planetscape.

Seagull tips his wings,
Floats low over piling field,
Circles in to perch.

Fourth Saturday

Wind gusts, tires’ chains clink,
Snow tapping on jacket’s hood,
Snowplow’s mighty roar.

Horizontal rail,
Slanted snow, roiling river,
Twirling windborne leaf.

Sledding children laugh,
Spin down pine grove’s slippery hill,
Tumble into drift.

Third Saturday, two days late

Drops begin to splash.
Gray coagulating mist
Splattering pavement.

Bright painted ferry
Plows down river through thick fog.
Red and yellow ghost.

Rain stops, clouds break up.
Town-crier seagull flaps north.
Blue sky is announced.

Second Saturday

Tower on far bank
Glows in shaft of morning sun
Against charcoal sky.

Tide at highest point.
Just twelve pilings visible.
Hundreds more submerged.

No ships. Slow south wind.
Long low swells slide into shore,
Slip along seawall.

First Saturday, six days late

Betcha thought I didn’t do these, huh? I did. But I lost them. But I found them. Just in time to post them before this week’s!

Blue and white striped tug,
Black tires nailed to painted hull,
Frothy wake behind.

Tide’s out, river’s low.
On pilings, flock of seagulls
Sit like sentinels.

Cormorant pops up.
Looks left, right. Nothing to see.
Arcs and dives again.

Fiftieth Saturday, one day late

Pair of soccer balls
Float slowly on river's glass,
Glow in morning sun.

Two paddling gadwalls
Slicing through waveless water
Raising tiny wake.

Long low swell rolls in,
Angles against seawall, breaks,
Single wave rolls out.

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Forty-ninth Saturday

On wrinkled river
Helicopter's shadow slides,
Ferry's white wake froths.

Tall construction crane
Looms over trees, low buildings:
Iron dinosaur.

Dog jumps on next bench,
Sticks cold nose in hand, wags tail,
Refuses to leave.

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Forty-eighth Saturday


Glassy high water.
Cormorants flap drying wings.
Pilings stand like reeds.

Neighbor stops to chat.
Tourists photograph the sky.
Runner slaps on past.

Small tug, little barge,
Inching by at turtle speed,
Barely leaving wake.

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Forty-sixth Saturday, eight days late

These were lost, but now they're found.

Whitecaps race downstream.
Strong wind blows across current.
Tea goes cold quickly.

Corrugated clouds,
Sharp-edged, fast-moving water,
Bright light in slices.

Fast flash against gray:
On ferry terminal roof,
Ridges have caught sun.