Julia the farmer

I’ve written from Assisi before about the Nigerian woman and her Italian husband who cleared the earthquake debris out of the San Pietro churchyard four years ago and started a farm.  The farm is one of the first stops I make when I arrive here every year and I’m pleased to report they’re doing well.






IMG_0251more plums


IMG_0252giant zucchini




IMG_0255plums again


  1. B.G. says:

    Wonder how long it takes to make plum wine?

  2. SJ Rozan says:

    Longer than I have, unfortunately.

  3. Laraine says:

    Hey, SJ,
    I’ve been travelling (to Texas) and over-busy with stuff . . . just now catching up on all of July’s posts, apparently, and discovering your new location. So glad for the update on Julia’s beautiful farm, which I love seeing each year. Tell her this reader loves the beauty and obvious vitality of the produce! Happy travels, and good luck with the conquering of all the battles with the new book.

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