Bella the Cat

Bella fans — how weird is this? I took Bella to the vet for her yearly checkup — had a struggle stuffing her into her carry case, had to listen to her curse me out the whole way there (a 7-block walk), but of course at the vet she poured on the charm. He pronounced her a “perfect cat.” Coat glossy, teeth sharp, heartbeat absolutely regular. Fabulous, say I, but I felt a tiny lump under her skin, at her shoulder, could you take a look at that? Says he, it’s probably just her microchip. Says I, this cat has no microchip, she’s an adopted (by me) foundling (by her last people). Oh, the vet says, waving his microchip reader over her shoulder, then where’d she get this? And indeed, someone, somewhere in her first almost-year of life, implanted a microchip in Bella the Cat! For all I know she’s been sending reports back to the mothership all this time.



  1. Ann Romeo says:

    I have a perfect cat too–Marv the marvelous marmalade cat. A wonderful pet to come home to.

  2. carrie says:

    Great story. Do you think the aliens will be coming for you soon?

  3. Robert lopresti says:

    I can’t wait for the fictionalversion of this story to appear in EQMM.

  4. Michael. says:

    And might I add — that’s a great photo, too.

  5. Nancy says:

    So glad it was a chip and nothing else!

  6. SJ Rozan says:

    Carrie — Aren’t they already here?

    Michael — Thanks. That’s her baleful look. I see it a lot.

    Nancy — Me too!

  7. Maggie says:

    Isn’t that funny, I was looking at the picture thinking man, that is the living definition of “baleful”!

    So the chip….it doesn’t work backwards, hunh? That is, whoever has the homing device can find Bella, but Bella…..oh god, I’m sniffling here….BELLA CAN”T FIND HOME???? Well, isn’t it nice that she found a home with you. And the previous homesteaders can go poke themselves with a sharp stick somewhere unpleasant.

    • SJ Rozan says:

      You can stop sniffing. I just got an answer on the chip question from Bella’s previous people. The shelter they got her from, which had already spayed her, also already head already chipped her as a matter of course.  New to me, but apparently some places just do it.  The previous owners, being flaky, forgot to tell me.  They also forgot to register the chip, so had she gotten out and been found it wouldn’t have done her any good.

      Although personally I think that story’s a cover and she’s been sending transmissions to the mothership all this time.

      Stay warm —

  8. Kitty Katz says:

    Aren’t you glad you got her to the vet before the blizzard! And aren’t we all glad that Bella was pronounced in perfect health–also picture perfect. Stay well!

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