First Saturday, six days late

Betcha thought I didn’t do these, huh? I did. But I lost them. But I found them. Just in time to post them before this week’s!

Blue and white striped tug,
Black tires nailed to painted hull,
Frothy wake behind.

Tide’s out, river’s low.
On pilings, flock of seagulls
Sit like sentinels.

Cormorant pops up.
Looks left, right. Nothing to see.
Arcs and dives again.


  1. Michael. says:

    And worth the wait.

  2. Keith Michael says:

    I LOVE that you do these! Even when Millie and I haven’t gotten to the river, I feel like I’ve been there. So vivid.

  3. SJ Rozan says:

    Thanks, guys. I love that they mean something to you!

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