Stone Quarry

Stone Quarry

Stone Quarry

Stone Quarry

For the past twelve years that private investigator Bill Smith has owned his cabin in the woods in a small upstate New York town, he has used it as an escaping, a place of refuge, never letting city life or his work intrude. All that changes, however, when Eva Colgate, a local farmer, summons Bill to meet with her. She wants him to quietly recover some recently stolen possessions–items which, if known to be hers, would expose her past and a secret she has kept for thirty years.

As Bill, with the help of his sometime-partner Lydia Chin, begins the search for the stolen goods, the usual quiet of this rural county abruptly shatters. A local hoodlum is found murdered in the basement of a local bar, the young daughter of a prominent businessman runs away from home, and Jimmy Antonelli, a teenager with a troubled past who is tied to these events, is missing. Now Bill and Lydia have to find the missing boy–and uncover the connection among these events–in time to save him.

A gripping story of power, corruption, and long-held secrets, Stone Quarry is a most compelling novel from one of the finest mystery novelists of our time.


June 2003
Thomas T. Beeler Publisher
ISBN-13: 978-1574905328
available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, audio

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Stone Quarry is S.J. Rozan at her best. She has created a story in which the tension and intrigue never lets up. She constantly has you looking over your shoulder into the dark.” –Michael Connelly, author of Angels Flight

“With the Bill Smith and Lydia Chin mysteries, S.J. Rozan has written the most consistently compelling series of traditional detective novels published in this decade. Stone Quarry combines the sure, controlled prose of Ross MacDonald with the fury of early Hammet. Now is the time to discover what Rozan’s loyal readership has known all along.” –George Pelecanos, author of The Big Blowdown

“S.J. Rozan can write sentences that make my jaw literally drop. She’s as good a prose stylist as I’ve seen in a long, long time.” –Dennis Lehane, author ofPrayers for Rain

“In a departure from her usual gritty urban settings, S.J. Rozan blends the elegaic beauty of upstate New York with a gripping tale of rural corruption. A solid addition to a solid series.” Margaret Maron, author of Home Fires Burning

“The finest of the new private eye writers, the one who brings a fresh eye and a singular approach, the one who’s unafraid of subtlety, the one who remembers to combine all the elements–character, plot, setting, description and distinctive narrative voices–and who, most importantly, remembers to tell a story.” –The Drood Review