I Love New York

On my corner the NYPD has put up a temporary cell tower for  the Gay Pride Parade. It’s been up all week but I only saw the No Parking signs today. The photo’s not great; the top sign’s white and the bottom one’s blue. There’s no question it’s a deliberately-made rainbow.

I love New York.





I guess that whole lose-faith-in-humanity thing will have to wait


Because, sit-in!



Just when I’m ready to completely lose faith in humanity

How great is this?



If you’re having a bad political day…

…watch this. If you’re having a good political day, watch this. If you’ve totally had it with politics, watch this!


I played basketball this morning and then went to an event uptown. I didn’t see the news. Fifty people dead. Fifty. My God. What is wrong with us?

fog 004

Basketball at Bouchercon

The traditional — now almost classic! — Bouchercon basketball game will be Saturday, Sept. 17 at 1:00. If you want to play, let me know and the programmers will try to keep you off a panel at that time. NO PROMISES, but they’ll try.

Trump and Pocahontas

Can I just say how much it bothers me that Donald Trump tried to belittle Elizabeth Warren by calling her Pocahontas? I’ve seen comments responding that Trump missed the mark because Pocahontas was an incredible woman, and others saying Warren tried to claim Cherokee heritage she can’t prove so she deserves it. I don’t care about either of those things. What I care about is, he’s using “Pocahontas” the same way he uses “Goofy” and “Crooked” — as an insult. One of the few Native Americans most people have heard of, and just attaching her name to someone is an insult? Shame on you, Donald Trump.

TBT: Me in my architect days

On the jobsite for the Women’s Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, NY. Late 1980’s. I was Project Manager, and for awhile was going up there (halfway between Rochester and Syracuse) about twice a month. Loved this job.


I Love New York

Got to the corner at the highway this morning, waited for the light to change. When it did each of the three cars that rolled up to the crosswalk was a black Mercedes, one SUV flanked by two sedans. What jumped into my mind was this.

I love New York.

Ironbound Expedition

Explored Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood (so called because it’s enclosed on all sides by railroad tracks) on Saturday. Ate excellent Portuguese lunch, coffee, pastry; and first-class small-batch ice cream. Roses everywhere, new park down by the river, a multitude of churches. Rain, but not until we were done and headed back to the train. Excellent expedition!

Expeditionary force:


Ironbound history mural detail:


Front yard shrine:


1961 chimney: