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Short Story Listing

Thank you to B.G. Ritts for this listing. Taken from ResourcePages.info. See that page for complete publication formats and ISBNs.

Damn Near Dead 2, ed. Bill Crider
ISBN: 978-1-935415-21-3; Trade pbk; Busted Flush Press (Nov 2010)

The Dark End of the Street: New Stories of Sex and Crime, ed. Jonathan Santlofer & S.J. Rozan
DAYBREAK, pp 247‑257
ISBN: 978-1-59691-683-8; Trade pbk; Bloomsbury USA (May 2010)

A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected short stories)
FILM AT ELEVEN, pp 9‑41   ( orig pub: Deadly Allies II, ed. Randisi & Dunlap, Doubleday 1994 )
HOOPS, pp 42‑74   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
SEEING THE MOON, pp 75‑93   ( orig pub: On a Raven’s Wing, ed. Kaminsky, Harper 2009 )
PASSLINE, pp 94‑108   ( orig pub: Murder in Vegas, ed. Connelly, Forge Books 2005 )
NIGHT COURT, pp 109‑114   ( orig pub: The Prosecution Rests, ed. Fairstein, Little, Brown 2009 )
SUBWAY, pp 115‑143   ( orig pub: Vengeance Is Hers, ed. Spillane & Collins, Signet 1997 )
A TALE ABOUT A TIGER, pp 144‑186   ( orig pub: Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, 1998 )
CHILDHOOD, pp 187‑213   ( orig available online: MightyWords 2000 )
DOUBLE-CROSSING DELANCEY, pp 214‑240   ( orig pub: Mystery Street, ed. Randisi, Signet 2001 )
ISBN: 978-1-932009-90-3; Trade pbk; Crippen & Landru (Oct 2009)

Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem and Suspense, ed. Gary R. Bush & Chris Everheart
I SEEN THAT, pp 243‑245
ISBN: 978-1-932472-85-1; Trade pbk; Nodin Press (Aug 2009)

Two of the Deadliest: New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder, ed. Elizabeth George
COLD, HARD FACTS, pp 313‑325
ISBN: 978-0061350337; Hardcover; Harper (July 2009)

MWA Presents The Prosecution Rests: New Stories about Courtrooms, Criminals, and the Law, ed. Linda Fairstein
NIGHT COURT, pp 326‑332
ISBN: 978-0316012522; Hardcover; Little, Brown (April 2009)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March/April 2009
SILVERFISH, pp 76‑83

On a Raven’s Wing: New Tales in Honor of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. Stuart Kaminsky
SEEING THE MOON, pp 303‑327
ISBN: 978-0061690426; Trade pbk; Harper (Jan 2009)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2008, ed. George Pelecanos & Otto Penzler
HOTHOUSE, pp 333‑343   ( orig pub: Bronx Noir, ed. Rozan, Akashic 2007 )
ISBN: 978-0618812660; Hardcover; Houghton Mifflin (Oct 2008)

A Hell of a Woman: An Anthology of Female Noir, ed. Megan Abbott
UNDOCUMENTED, pp 288‑298
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-9-4; Hardcover; Busted Flush Press (Dec 2007)

Bronx Noir, ed. S.J. Rozan
HOTHOUSE, pp 177‑190
ISBN: 978-1-933354-25-5; Trade pbk; Akashic Books (August 2007)

Death by Pen: The Longman Anthology of Detective Fiction from Poe to Paretzsky, ed. Deane Mansfield-Kelley & Lois A. Marchino
GOING HOME, pp 332‑335   (orig pub: The Mysterious North, ed. Stabenow, Signet 2002)
ISBN: 0205518494; Trade pbk; Longman Publishing (May 2007)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Presents Fifty Years of Crime and Suspense, ed. Linda Landrigan
BODY ENGLISH, pp 331‑350   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1992 )
ISBN 1933648031; Trade pbk; Pegasus Books (June 2006)

Hardboiled Brooklyn, ed. Reed Farrel Coleman
SUNSET, pp 85‑96
ISBN: 1932557172; Trade pbk; Bleak  House Books (May 2006)

Deadly Housewives, ed. Christine Matthews
THE NEXT NICE DAY, pp 199‑205, plus Afterword
ISBN: 0060853271; Trade pbk; Avon (April 2006)

Manhattan Noir, ed. Lawrence Block
BUILDING (Harlem), pp 196‑212
ISBN: 1888451955; Trade pbk; Akashic Books (April 2006)

Murder at the Foul Line: Original Tales of Hoop Dreams and Deaths from Today’s Great Writers, ed. Otto Penzler
SHOTS, pp 264‑306
ISBN: 0892960167; Hardcover; Mysterious Press (Jan 2006)

Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation, ed. Michael Connelly
PASSLINE, pp 19‑30
ISBN: 0765307391; Hardcover; Forge Books (Feb 2005)

Dangerous Women, ed. Otto Penzler
THE LAST KISS, pp 281‑290
ISBN: 0892960043; Hardcover; Mysterious Press (Jan 2005)

Wild Crimes, ed. Dana Stabenow
BIRDS OF PARADISE, pp 179‑197   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1994 )
ISBN: 045121286X; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Sept 2004)

The Mysterious North, ed. Dana Stabenow
GOING HOME, pp 169‑175
ISBN: 0451207424; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Oct 2002)

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories; Third Annual Collection,
ed. Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
DOUBLE‑CROSSING DELANCEY, pp 61‑82   ( orig pub: Mystery Street, ed. Randisi, Signet 2001 )
ISBN: 0765302349; Hardcover; Forge Books (Oct 2002)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, April 2001
MOTORMOUTH, pp 60‑61

Mystery Street (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents), ed. Robert J. Randisi
ISBN: 0451204360; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Oct 2001)

The World’s Finest Mystery & Crime Stories; Second Annual Collection, ed. Ed Gorman
CHILDHOOD, pp 156‑173
ISBN: 1588955885; eBook; MightyWords (Aug 2001)

The Shamus Game (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents), ed. Robert J. Randisi
ISBN: 0451201299; Mass Market pbk; Signet, (Sept 2000)

Criminal Records, ed. Otto Penzler
A TALE ABOUT A TIGER, pp 325‑354   ( orig pub: Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, 1998 )
ISBN: 0752821709; Hardcover; Orion (April 2000)

Crème de La Crime, ed. Janet Hutchings
HOOPS, pp 150‑177   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0786707380; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf (April 2000)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 1999

Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, ed. Otto Penzler
ISBN: 051746053X; Hardcover; Random House Value (July 1999)

Crime After Crime, ed. Joan Hess, Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman
HOOPS, pp 197‑232   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0312967403; Mass Market pbk; St. Martin’s (Feb 1999)

Canine Crimes, presented by Jeffrey Marks
ISBN: 0345424115; Mass Market pbk; Ballantine Books (Nov 1998)

Lethal Ladies II, ed. Christine Matthews & Robert J. Randisi
PROSPERITY RESTAURANT, pp 117‑148   ( orig pub: 4th Woman Sleuth Anth, Sept 1991 )
ISBN: 0425162680; Mass Market pbk; Berkley (April 1998)

The Best American Mystery Stories 1997, ed. Robert B. Parker & Otto Penzler
HOOPS, pp 261‑290   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0395835844; Hardcover; Houghton Mifflin (Oct 1997)

The Year’s 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories; Sixth Annual Ed, ed. Joan Hess, Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
HOOPS, pp 247‑272   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0786704950; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf (Oct 1997)

Vengeance Is Hers, ed. Mickey Spillane & Max Allen Collins
SUBWAY, pp 225‑252
ISBN: 0451191986; Mass Market pbk; Signet (May 1997)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 1996
HOOPS, pp 40‑68

Lethal Ladies, ed. Barbara Collins & Robert J. Randisi
ONCE BURNED, pp 229‑251   ( orig pub: PI Magazine, 1991 )
ISBN: 0425151417; Mass Market pbk; Berkley (Jan 1996)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, December 1994

Women of Mystery II, ed. Cynthia Manson
BODY ENGLISH, pp 111‑132   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1992 )
ISBN: 0786701404; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf Pub; (Sept 1994)

Deadly Allies II, ed. Robert J. Randisi & Susan Dunlap
FILM AT ELEVEN, pp 202‑229
ISBN: 038542468X; Hardcover; Doubleday (April 1994)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, December 1992
BODY ENGLISH, pp 24‑41

P.I. Magazine
*, Spring 1992, Vol.5 No.1
HOT NUMBERS, pp 16‑23

The Fourth Woman Sleuth Anthology, ed. Irene Zahava
ISBN: 0895945215; Trade pbk; Crossing Press (Sept 1991)

P.I. Magazine
*, Winter 1991, Vol.4 No.1
ONCE BURNED, pp 18‑26
“A searing pain spiked my side the same moment I heard her voice…”

P.I. Magazine *, Winter 1990, Vol.3 No.1
HEARTBREAK, pp 16‑21