Short Story Listing

Thank you to B.G. Ritts for this listing. Taken from See that page for complete publication formats and ISBNs.

Damn Near Dead 2, ed. Bill Crider
ISBN: 978-1-935415-21-3; Trade pbk; Busted Flush Press (Nov 2010)

The Dark End of the Street: New Stories of Sex and Crime, ed. Jonathan Santlofer & S.J. Rozan
DAYBREAK, pp 247‑257
ISBN: 978-1-59691-683-8; Trade pbk; Bloomsbury USA (May 2010)

A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected short stories)
FILM AT ELEVEN, pp 9‑41   ( orig pub: Deadly Allies II, ed. Randisi & Dunlap, Doubleday 1994 )
HOOPS, pp 42‑74   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
SEEING THE MOON, pp 75‑93   ( orig pub: On a Raven’s Wing, ed. Kaminsky, Harper 2009 )
PASSLINE, pp 94‑108   ( orig pub: Murder in Vegas, ed. Connelly, Forge Books 2005 )
NIGHT COURT, pp 109‑114   ( orig pub: The Prosecution Rests, ed. Fairstein, Little, Brown 2009 )
SUBWAY, pp 115‑143   ( orig pub: Vengeance Is Hers, ed. Spillane & Collins, Signet 1997 )
A TALE ABOUT A TIGER, pp 144‑186   ( orig pub: Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, 1998 )
CHILDHOOD, pp 187‑213   ( orig available online: MightyWords 2000 )
DOUBLE-CROSSING DELANCEY, pp 214‑240   ( orig pub: Mystery Street, ed. Randisi, Signet 2001 )
ISBN: 978-1-932009-90-3; Trade pbk; Crippen & Landru (Oct 2009)

Once Upon a Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem and Suspense, ed. Gary R. Bush & Chris Everheart
I SEEN THAT, pp 243‑245
ISBN: 978-1-932472-85-1; Trade pbk; Nodin Press (Aug 2009)

Two of the Deadliest: New Tales of Lust, Greed, and Murder, ed. Elizabeth George
COLD, HARD FACTS, pp 313‑325
ISBN: 978-0061350337; Hardcover; Harper (July 2009)

MWA Presents The Prosecution Rests: New Stories about Courtrooms, Criminals, and the Law, ed. Linda Fairstein
NIGHT COURT, pp 326‑332
ISBN: 978-0316012522; Hardcover; Little, Brown (April 2009)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March/April 2009
SILVERFISH, pp 76‑83

On a Raven’s Wing: New Tales in Honor of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. Stuart Kaminsky
SEEING THE MOON, pp 303‑327
ISBN: 978-0061690426; Trade pbk; Harper (Jan 2009)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2008, ed. George Pelecanos & Otto Penzler
HOTHOUSE, pp 333‑343   ( orig pub: Bronx Noir, ed. Rozan, Akashic 2007 )
ISBN: 978-0618812660; Hardcover; Houghton Mifflin (Oct 2008)

A Hell of a Woman: An Anthology of Female Noir, ed. Megan Abbott
UNDOCUMENTED, pp 288‑298
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-9-4; Hardcover; Busted Flush Press (Dec 2007)

Bronx Noir, ed. S.J. Rozan
HOTHOUSE, pp 177‑190
ISBN: 978-1-933354-25-5; Trade pbk; Akashic Books (August 2007)

Death by Pen: The Longman Anthology of Detective Fiction from Poe to Paretzsky, ed. Deane Mansfield-Kelley & Lois A. Marchino
GOING HOME, pp 332‑335   (orig pub: The Mysterious North, ed. Stabenow, Signet 2002)
ISBN: 0205518494; Trade pbk; Longman Publishing (May 2007)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Presents Fifty Years of Crime and Suspense, ed. Linda Landrigan
BODY ENGLISH, pp 331‑350   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1992 )
ISBN 1933648031; Trade pbk; Pegasus Books (June 2006)

Hardboiled Brooklyn, ed. Reed Farrel Coleman
SUNSET, pp 85‑96
ISBN: 1932557172; Trade pbk; Bleak  House Books (May 2006)

Deadly Housewives, ed. Christine Matthews
THE NEXT NICE DAY, pp 199‑205, plus Afterword
ISBN: 0060853271; Trade pbk; Avon (April 2006)

Manhattan Noir, ed. Lawrence Block
BUILDING (Harlem), pp 196‑212
ISBN: 1888451955; Trade pbk; Akashic Books (April 2006)

Murder at the Foul Line: Original Tales of Hoop Dreams and Deaths from Today’s Great Writers, ed. Otto Penzler
SHOTS, pp 264‑306
ISBN: 0892960167; Hardcover; Mysterious Press (Jan 2006)

Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation, ed. Michael Connelly
PASSLINE, pp 19‑30
ISBN: 0765307391; Hardcover; Forge Books (Feb 2005)

Dangerous Women, ed. Otto Penzler
THE LAST KISS, pp 281‑290
ISBN: 0892960043; Hardcover; Mysterious Press (Jan 2005)

Wild Crimes, ed. Dana Stabenow
BIRDS OF PARADISE, pp 179‑197   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1994 )
ISBN: 045121286X; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Sept 2004)

The Mysterious North, ed. Dana Stabenow
GOING HOME, pp 169‑175
ISBN: 0451207424; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Oct 2002)

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories; Third Annual Collection,
ed. Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
DOUBLE‑CROSSING DELANCEY, pp 61‑82   ( orig pub: Mystery Street, ed. Randisi, Signet 2001 )
ISBN: 0765302349; Hardcover; Forge Books (Oct 2002)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, April 2001
MOTORMOUTH, pp 60‑61

Mystery Street (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents), ed. Robert J. Randisi
ISBN: 0451204360; Mass Market pbk; Signet (Oct 2001)

The World’s Finest Mystery & Crime Stories; Second Annual Collection, ed. Ed Gorman
CHILDHOOD, pp 156‑173
ISBN: 1588955885; eBook; MightyWords (Aug 2001)

The Shamus Game (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents), ed. Robert J. Randisi
ISBN: 0451201299; Mass Market pbk; Signet, (Sept 2000)

Criminal Records, ed. Otto Penzler
A TALE ABOUT A TIGER, pp 325‑354   ( orig pub: Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, 1998 )
ISBN: 0752821709; Hardcover; Orion (April 2000)

Crème de La Crime, ed. Janet Hutchings
HOOPS, pp 150‑177   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0786707380; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf (April 2000)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 1999

Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI, ed. Otto Penzler
ISBN: 051746053X; Hardcover; Random House Value (July 1999)

Crime After Crime, ed. Joan Hess, Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman
HOOPS, pp 197‑232   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0312967403; Mass Market pbk; St. Martin’s (Feb 1999)

Canine Crimes, presented by Jeffrey Marks
ISBN: 0345424115; Mass Market pbk; Ballantine Books (Nov 1998)

Lethal Ladies II, ed. Christine Matthews & Robert J. Randisi
PROSPERITY RESTAURANT, pp 117‑148   ( orig pub: 4th Woman Sleuth Anth, Sept 1991 )
ISBN: 0425162680; Mass Market pbk; Berkley (April 1998)

The Best American Mystery Stories 1997, ed. Robert B. Parker & Otto Penzler
HOOPS, pp 261‑290   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0395835844; Hardcover; Houghton Mifflin (Oct 1997)

The Year’s 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories; Sixth Annual Ed, ed. Joan Hess, Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
HOOPS, pp 247‑272   ( orig pub: EQMM, 1996 )
ISBN: 0786704950; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf (Oct 1997)

Vengeance Is Hers, ed. Mickey Spillane & Max Allen Collins
SUBWAY, pp 225‑252
ISBN: 0451191986; Mass Market pbk; Signet (May 1997)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 1996
HOOPS, pp 40‑68

Lethal Ladies, ed. Barbara Collins & Robert J. Randisi
ONCE BURNED, pp 229‑251   ( orig pub: PI Magazine, 1991 )
ISBN: 0425151417; Mass Market pbk; Berkley (Jan 1996)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, December 1994

Women of Mystery II, ed. Cynthia Manson
BODY ENGLISH, pp 111‑132   ( orig pub: AHMM, Dec 1992 )
ISBN: 0786701404; Hardcover; Carroll & Graf Pub; (Sept 1994)

Deadly Allies II, ed. Robert J. Randisi & Susan Dunlap
FILM AT ELEVEN, pp 202‑229
ISBN: 038542468X; Hardcover; Doubleday (April 1994)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, December 1992
BODY ENGLISH, pp 24‑41

P.I. Magazine
*, Spring 1992, Vol.5 No.1
HOT NUMBERS, pp 16‑23

The Fourth Woman Sleuth Anthology, ed. Irene Zahava
ISBN: 0895945215; Trade pbk; Crossing Press (Sept 1991)

P.I. Magazine
*, Winter 1991, Vol.4 No.1
ONCE BURNED, pp 18‑26
“A searing pain spiked my side the same moment I heard her voice…”

P.I. Magazine *, Winter 1990, Vol.3 No.1
HEARTBREAK, pp 16‑21